LI-COR places flagship infrared imaging system in San Francisco and San Carlos

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LI-COR places flagship infrared imaging system in San Francisco and San Carlos

Expanding the capabilities of our FastTrack Core, LI-COR has placed their Odyssey CLx infrared imaging system at both MBC BioLabs Bay Area locations. The instrument’s broad, linear dynamic range accurately detects both strong and weak bands on a single Western Blot. This flexible device is also capable of quantitative imagining of In-Cell Western assays, On-Cell Western assays, coomassie-stained gels, DNA gels, protein arrays, EMSAs, ELISAs, tissue sections, whole organs, small animals and more! LI-COR provides full support for the Odyssey CLx. If you would like instrument training or assistance with application development, please contact Sabrina Zimmerman.

Upcoming Event

  • San Carlos Open House

    Come to meet MBC BioLabs residents, tour our new space in San Carlos, and hear about our exciting plans for the future. There will be posters from our companies, a live band, and an opportunity to chat with our partners and staff. RSVP In just 4 years, we have helped 116 entrepreneurial teams create fast, focused and frugal biotech companies that have gone on to raise $2.4 billion and counting. With this new facility, we can empower more entrepreneurs with the space and resources they need to tackle world changing science. Come join us in celebrating our newest MBC Biolabs campus and welcome our residents and partners!


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