Liquid Nitrogen Storage

One Bench at a Time

CBS V 1500-AB Series

The Isothermal Concept
The sample storage area is cooled by a liquid nitrogen jacket surrounding the stainless steel interior, and by
nitrogen vapour entering the freezer from the jacket via directional vents. This patented technology provides
exceptional temperature uniformity in the -190°C range, allowing the full freezer capacity to be used with
confidence. The circulation of vapour within the freezer also results in less cold air loss during lid opening and
improved visibility. This allows full-width lids to be used providing quick, unrestricted access to sample racks.

No Liquid Nitrogen Contact
With no liquid nitrogen in the storage area, samples can be stored safely in the -190°C range without the risk of cross-contamination through liquid nitrogen. The Isothermal design also provides added user safety with no splashing or contact of liquid nitrogen when removing racks and samples from the freezer.

Automatic Operation
Isothermal Freezers feature the Series 2301 Auto-fill and Monitor System, which controls the automatic filling of the liquid nitrogen jacket and provides the user with an easy to read overview of the freezer temperature and status.

Sample Security
A comprehensive alarm system with remote alarm contact constantly monitors all aspects of the freezer’s operation.
Samples are also protected by lid and control panel locks. The freezer can be monitored by a central BMS or monitoring system.

Sample Storage
A wide selection of inventory systems for vials and bags are available to complete the system and optimize sample storage.

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