MBC BioLabs Grand Opening in San Carlos

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MBC BioLabs Grand Opening in San Carlos

In just over four years, the MBC BioLabs Dogpatch site has been home to 102 companies, 45 of which are current residents. These companies have been wildly-successful – they have raised $1.8 billion. Our one significant challenge has been the limited amount of space. We receive 6-10 applications per month, but as we are always full, we can only accept 1 or 2 companies. Many of the companies that we have to turn away are very promising, but we simply don’t have the space. To redress this problem, we are launching 42,000 square feet of new lab and office space in San Carlos. This will come in three phases, the first of these sites, 733 Industrial Road, will come online in April 16, 2018; and the largest, 26,000 sf at 930 Brittan Avenue, will come online in Q2 2019. Together these sites will allow us to grow our community to ~120 startups.

Please stay tuned for a grand opening party this summer where all will be welcome!

Upcoming Event

  • A Welcome Party for Newcomers! Location: 953 Indiana Street, San Francisco

    Please join us for a celebration to welcome all new companies to the MBC BioLabs family! Come and meet the new faces in the building and enjoy some food!


953 Indiana St., San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: (415)-347-8287

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