It is our pleasure to announce this year’s Golden Ticket award sponsored by Servier.

At Servier, we are passionate about innovation for patients and we want to support entrepreneurs who share our passion towards success. We are looking for entrepreneurs who work hard towards the goal of bringing medicines to patients. Committed to partnering, we build relationships early on with emerging entrepreneurs and young companies, providing both financial support through the Golden Ticket program and mentorship through access to our network of scientists and our internal expertise, to help accelerate the path towards success.

As an international pharma company governed by a non-profit foundation, Servier is free to make investments that put patients and science first. We invest 25% of annual revenues in R&D, and around 50% in Oncology specifically. Partnering is essential to our collective success, and we provide expertise across the drug R&D value chain, including the chemistry of small molecules, chimeric small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. We are eager to share our expertise with entrepreneurs who share our focus and independent state of mind.

Servier has been present in the US since 2018, though its commercial subsidiary, Servier Pharmaceuticals, and early-stage partnering and innovation engine, Servier BioInnovation. Located in Cambridge, MA, Servier BioInnovation is focused on identifying new, early-stage R&D opportunities and strategic partnerships, and expediting business development and licensing activities in the U.S.

In California, in particular, Servier BioInnovation is a member of the California Life Science Association (CLSA) and Servier’s partnership with MBC BioLabs since 2016 has allowed Servier to foster innovation via the sponsorship of an annual Golden Ticket. In 2019, the Golden Ticket was awarded to Quartz Therapeutics. At Servier, we are looking forward to getting more involved in the Californian ecosystem through building partnerships and fostering innovation through collaborations.

Servier’s 2020 Golden Ticket will be awarded in early September. Servier will hold virtual office hours along the Summer to meet with the candidates.