Are you building an innovative and emerging life science or biotech start-up?

Now is your opportunity to accelerate your research and transform it into meaningful value for patients by applying for an Astellas Future Innovator Prize.

Astellas is offering up to two Future Innovator Prizes for a pioneering science and technology platform that would be a game-changing approach in Astellas’ interest areas including Blindness & Regeneration, Mitochondria, Genetic Regulation, Immuno-Oncology, Cell Therapy and other areas.

(Areas of exclusion include medical device and digital health.)

The award for each Astellas Future Innovator Prize winner will:

Cover the cost of one bench and one scientist for one year at MBC BioLabs

Provide access to Astellas’ R&D scientists, mentors, business leaders and the Astellas network.

Here’s how to apply for an Astellas Future Innovator Prize:

  • Prepare a non-confidential pitch deck, including an executive summary (See guidelines for presentation on application instruction form.)
  • Upload the presentation

Proposals due by: Friday, November 4, 2022

Selection process

  • All applications will be reviewed by the Astellas selection committee. Five proposals will be selected as finalists and notified accordingly.
  • The five finalists will be invited to pitch in front of Astellas senior leadership on December 7 at the final pitch event.
  • Up to two winners will be awarded an Astellas Future Innovator Prize.

Disclaimer: The decision to award any Astellas Future Innovator Prize, and the assessments underlying such decision, are solely within the judgment of Astellas and are not subject to any objection or appeal.

Application Instructions

Thank you for applying to the 2022 Astellas Future Innovator Prize. In association with MBC BioLabs, Astellas is looking to partner with emerging companies working at the cutting edges of new and exciting science. Astellas will select the winners who will be granted admission or renewal to lab space at MBC BioLabs. In addition, Astellas will provide mentoring and support via access to various scientific and business expertise and resources. As a next step, we ask that you submit a non-confidential deck in support of your application for the competition as outlined below.

As mentioned in the invitation, please prepare a non-confidential company slide pitch deck, using the following guidelines:

  • Executive Summary slide: Please tell us a brief history of your company, including details about:

    • a. The history of why and how you formed the company
    • b. Key differentiators of what makes your company unique compared to your competitors
    • c. How you will achieve the goal of your company
  • What condition or disease are you targeting?
  • What milestones and achievements do you expect to accomplish in your first year at MBC BioLabs?
  • What is the key proof of concept data, and/or experiment that will help you achieve your next inflection point?
  • Briefly describe your team and their background and expertise, and how they will work together to achieve your near-term drug discovery goals.
  • What are your longer-term plans in terms of drug development and market access, and what are your financing needs for these goals?
  • Please provide any publications, patents, and/or other data that supports your plans and scientific premise.

Please follow the application submission process detailed at HERE. We wish all of you the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you soon.