MBC BioLabs, in collaboration with AbbVie, is pleased to launch the MBC BioLabs Diversity Golden Ticket program, an award designed to support under-represented biotech entrepreneurs using innovative science to deliver solutions for human health. The award provides free lab space and access to state-of-the-art research equipment, professional support staff, conference rooms, and a vibrant, collaborative community to support the sharing of ideas and expertise with other exciting life science companies.

The inaugural awardees are

We cannot wait for these amazing companies to join our growing community!

MabSwitch, Inc is a biotechnology company that utilizes a proprietary universal allosteric-linker and switch module for antibodies (UNASMA-TM) technology to develop regulatable next-generation antibody-based immunotherapies such as switchable affinity T-Cell Engagers (SaefTE-TM) and switchable affinity CAR (SaefCAR-TM) T-cell therapies that are safer and more effective for the curative treatment of cancer and other devastating chronic diseases of significantly unmet medical need.

Yemi Onakunle, Co-founder and CEO of MabSwitch

NeuroAge Therapeutics is a San Francisco based longevity biotech startup that creates drugs using our aging clock based platform to rejuvenate the brain and treat neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. Unlike many other pharma companies that have targeted amyloid plaques and tangles, we target the number one cause of these disorders, aging. We have more than 25 years of experience from top institutions (MIT, Cambridge U., UC Berkeley), have been awarded an Illumina Sequencing grant, and are finalists in the National Institute on Aging Startup Challenge.

Christina Glorioso and Priyanka Joshi, Co-founders of NeuroAge