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Eisao Innovation and MBC BioLabs Announce 2022 Eisai Golden Ticket Competition to Accelerate Early Drug Discovery and Research Efforts

Eisai Innovation, Inc. (Eisai), and affiliate of Eisai Co., LTD. the fully integrated pharmaceutical company based in Tokyo, Japan, is partnering with MBC BioLabs to award one Golden Ticket to an innovative life science startup.

Eisai is interested in drug discovery platform technologies, novel targets and biology that can be utilized in oncology and neurology.

The winner of Eisai’s Golden Ticket receives:
  • One-year FREE lab space at MBC BioLabs’ facility

  • Access to the shared amenities and services provided at MBC BioLabs’ facility

  • Special access to scientific and business leaders at Eisai

To apply, submit your non-confidential company presentation using the form below by August 22.

The deck should be a maximum of 10 slides and includes an appendix for any supplemental information.

Please include the following information in your company’s presentation:

  • A one-page executive summary of your company
  • Your company’s mission
  • Key science or technology
  • Targeted disease(s), patient populations or issues in healthcare
  • Management Team, including advisors
  • Non-confidential Intellectual Property or publications that include data supporting your science or technology
  • Key milestones, including development and financing
  • The competitive landscape

If you have any questions, please email: GoldenTicket@eisaiinnovation.com.

Eisai Golden Ticket Application

Eisai Golden Ticket Application

Please submit required information until August 22nd to be considered!

Maximum file size: 52.43MB