The CellRaft AIR® System is an integrated platform that uses proprietary CellRaft® technology and CellRaft® Arrays to maintain cells in an unperturbed state, leading to improved viability of single cells, highly proliferative colonies, and superior clonal outgrowth, that provides a dramatic increase in the number of clones available for downstream applications. With the system, you can:
• Obtain 10 – 50X more viable monoclonal colonies.
• Grow single cells in a flask-like environment, without physically separating them, eliminating perturbation to cell physiology and ensuring viability and vitality of single cells as they develop into clones.
• Identify cells of interest using powerful, label-free brightfield analysis software with user-defined parameters.
• Automatically and gently isolate CellRafts containing cells or colonies of interest for downstream endpoint analysis or clonal expansion.
• Create a complete image-based record of all clones to support regulatory submissions.