October 11, 2016

Larry WeissLarry Weiss, MD
Chief Medical Officer, AOBiome

AOBiome LLC is a skin microbiome company focused on the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and related systemic clinical targets. They are developing a new class of transformational products based on the topical application of beneficial ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB). AOB are naturally occurring chemoautotrophic bacteria that metabolizes the ammonia found in sweat, creating both nitrite and nitric oxide, two critical building blocks of good health.
Larry Weiss MD is the Chief Medical Officer at AOBiome. He has an extensive background in natural products chemistry, microbiology, clinical medicine, and pharmaceutical development and product commercialization. Dr. Weiss is board certified in Anesthesiology, has an MD from Stanford University Medical School, and a BS from Cornell University in Biochemistry. He has a number of patents and is published in the areas of chemistry, electrophysiology, and microbiology. Dr. Weiss is the founder of CleanWell Company and a Co-Founder of AOBiome.

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