December 14, 2016

James Watson
Head of Corporate Development, PhaseRX

Come and hear James Watson speak about strategy development and business planning:

  • Business development objectives, deal structures and implications
  • The partnership process, timing and keys to success
  • Implications for capital raising

James WatsonAbout PhaseRx
PhaseRx is dedicated to transforming families’ lives by creating better treatments for children with inherited diseases, actually correcting the problems at the source by replacing missing or damaged enzymes to allow the body’s natural processes to work.

We are developing a portfolio of mRNA products for inherited liver diseases, and in 2018 we expect to achieve clinical proof of concept in the first set of therapies to treat children born with life-threatening inherited liver diseases.

PhaseRx’s technology replaces missing or defective enzymes inside the liver cells, correcting the underlying cause of inherited liver diseases. This is achieved by intracellular enzyme replacement therapy (i-ERT) which targets synthesis of delivered mRNA specifically to liver cells.

Our current product portfolio focuses on treating urea cycle disorders (UCDs), which can result in cumulative and irreversible brain damage due to the liver’s inability to process ammonia from the blood. We believe our i-ERT technology can be applied to a significant number of other inherited liver diseases.

About James Watson
James Watson most recently served as chief business officer at Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. from 2011 to 2016, and, prior to that, was a managing director and head of private equity at Burrill & Company and chief executive officer of Burrill & Company’s merchant banking group.