February 2, 2017

Benjamin Campbell CEO, Capital Advisors Group

Join us for an overview of the various options available to CFO’s for cash management, Finance Heads & Controllers and a discussion on the risks and benefits associated with each, what is the best option for your business to ensure preservation of capital, liquidity and yield. With venture money tightening, does debt make sense? What do the various lenders offer? What can you qualify for, does that provide valuable runway extension to get you to your next value inflection point? We will explore this in depth to provide you a strong foundation of knowledge to negotiate from.

Ben-Febr2Ben has more than 30 years of experience in the securities and banking industries establishing trading operations and creating short-term investment strategies for clients. As CEO and Founder of Capital Advisors Group, Ben contributes to the company’s business strategy, overseeing its investment portfolios, product development, and client relationship management efforts. Prior to founding Capital Advisors Group, Ben was a Vice President in the money market center at The Boston Company and held various positions at Fidelity Investments.

Matt-Febr2Matt has more than 12 years of consultative sales and business development experience from both the medical device and professional services fields. As part of Capital Advisors Group West Coast business development team, Matt follows his passion of working with emerging growth companies.