September 28, 2017

Robert Urstein, PhD
Co-Founder, Alta Learning, Entangled Labs

What is HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN and how can it help you build more awesome products and businesses? Why is EXPERIMENTATION AND PROTOTYPING about more than scientific or market validation? How can they become integral parts of your innovation process and help you forge ahead when you feel stuck? When can DOING AND MAKING be more powerful than thinking and meeting?

Join us for this interactive workshop to answer these questions and more. You will leave knowing how to:

  • Use tools developed from human-centered design theory to strengthen the work you do in science and business as you create awesome products and companies
  • Work collaboratively to build teams that accomplish amazing things together
  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues and investors for maximum impact
  • Identify new approaches to solving hard problems when you get stuck

About Rob Urstein
Rob Urstein, PhD teaches courses on innovation and entrepreneurship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is the co-founder of Alta Learning at Entangled Labs. Rob has spent many years teaching Stanford MBA students as well as leaders and innovators across many sections who attend Stanford for short term learning experiences. In addition to senior leadership roles at Stanford, including Assistant Dean of the Business School and Associate Vice Provost, Rob has also designed and delivered Stanford programs for scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs around the globe in countries including India, China, Malaysia, Mexico, and Botswana. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to innovate and increase their impact.