Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Golden Ticket

MBC BioLabs, in partnership with Nitto Innovations, Inc., is excited to announce the 2024 Golden Ticket Competition, aimed at catalyzing innovation in CleanTech.

Key Focus Areas:

1. Hydrogen Supply Chain

  • Challenges: Economical transportation and utilization of hydrogen.
  • Nitto Product: SK-229
  • Seeking: Innovative business ideas to address large-scale industrial challenges.

2. Energy Storage

  • Focus: Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) for renewable energy expansion.
  • Seeking: Solutions for economical and large-scale energy storage.

3. Carbon Capture and Utilization

  • Challenges: Economic application and transportation of recovered CO2.
  • Nitto Product: CO2 separation membrane, Formic acid from CO2
  • Seeking: Industrial-scale solutions for CO2 utilization.

4. Material Innovation

  • Challenges: High price, functional and characteristic equivalence to existing materials.
  • Nitto Product: PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Certified Products
  • Seeking: Economically acceptable sustainable materials with equivalent properties to petrochemical products.

5. Recycling

  • Challenges: Recycling composite materials, high value-added business models, economical waste collection.
  • Nitto Product: Tape with recycled PET
  • Seeking: Advanced recycling technologies and business models.

Competition Benefits:

Winning startups will receive a Golden Ticket, providing one year of free lab space at MBC BioLabs, access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

How to Apply:

Fill out the form below by August 9th and save the date for live presentations on September 19th.

For questions, please reach out to flavia.nachbar@mbcbiolabs.com

About Nitto Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1918, Nitto is Japan’s leading materials manufacturer, offering over 13,500 diversified industrial products to more than 70 business fields as electronics, automobiles, ecology, and life science. We aim to offer value to Green (environment), Clean (new energy), and Fine (life science) markets.

Nitto Innovations, Inc. is a division of Nitto, a global pioneer of state-of-the-art technology. Founded in 1918 to produce electrical insulation materials, Nitto has grown to be a leader in the energy materials, industrial tapes, environmental solution, optronics, and life sciences markets.

Nitto contributes to the daily lives of individuals and the future of industry with our ability to generate innovative and unique solutions. Our proprietary technologies turn ocean water into drinking water, make transportation safer, create sharper LCD displays, and keep homes warm and dry, among others. Innovation and originality are important parts of our company values, and we never stop inventing.

Nitto made its appearance in the Americas in 1969, and has since been providing services in increasingly broad markets: Electronics, Automobile, Aerospace, Housing and Construction, Metal Processing, Paper Industries, Alternative Energies, Appliances, Health Science, and more.

2024 Nitto Golden Ticket Application

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Nitto Golden Ticket Application 2024

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