Trevor Martin
Courtesy of Molly Jorgensen – Mammoth Biosciences

Mammoth Biosciences came to life at MBC BioLabs and now co-founder and CEO Trevor Martin has been been selected by Fortune as one of the most influential young people in business.

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If you know anything about the gene-editing field, chances are you’ve heard of Trevor Martin. The 30-year-old wunderkind has amassed the sort of résumé you usually expect from decades-long veterans of the life sciences. But Martin cofounded his gene-editing company Mammoth at the ripe old age of 28—and he won the support of none other than Jennifer Doudna, one of Crispr’s original inventors, to help him do it. Crispr is widely recognized for its potential to treat diseases ranging from cancer to inherited disorders by slicing and dicing away aberrant code in human DNA. Martin’s company, however, wants to explore how the technology can be used to diagnose diseases in the first place—in many ways a genetic search engine. Major names like Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Grail CEO Jeff Huber have invested in Martin’s cause.