Today, SolveBio, a provider of data infrastructure for genomics, announced a partnership with San Francisco, Calif.-based MedGenome to distribute MedGenome’s OncoMD proprietary cancer mutation knowledgebase through its platform.

With this agreement, SolveBio users will now have programmatic access to the OncoMD content using the company’s application programming interface, open source language bindings, and visual interfaces. Researchers, tumor sequencing panel developers, and clinicians will be able to integrate OncoMD’s proprietary data directly into their genetic test development, analysis, and reporting workflows and use it to create test offerings and clinical reports, the partners said.

MedGenome’s OncoMD contains 1.9 million germline and somatic cancer mutations, along with associated functional information, drug sensitivity data, as well as information on relevant clinical trials. Specifically, it includes information on mutation hotspots, prevalence in multiple cancer types, sensitivity to approved drugs and therapies, and inclusion criteria for clinical trials. The information contained in the knowledgebase is sourced from peer-reviewed publications and also curated by MedGenome’s team of biomedical experts.

According to the partners, the newly added database offers an “invaluable” resource for things like drug and biomarker discovery projects, as well as for cancer immunotherapy research efforts. “Curated tumor variant data is absolutely crucial to developing relevant tumor sequencing panels and clinically interpreting the results of tumor sequencing,” SolveBio CEO Mark Kaganovich, said in a statement, “The quality of OncoMD’s curated data is unrivaled in the oncology space and we’re excited to make OncoMD more accessible than ever before to developers of genomic tests and clinicians.”

SolveBio set up shop last year and seeks to build a business around making genomic data more accessible to scientists developing diagnostic and research applications. The New York-based company provides parsed, normalized, and versioned genomic reference datasets, as well as tools that enable labs and companies access and use this information. Last month the company announced an exclusive partnership with Biosof that gives SolveBio the right to distribute Biosof’s SNPdbe and ConsurfDB databases.

SolveBio raised $2 million last year from multiple investors including Andreessen Horowitz and investment firm SV Angel.

Original article at GenomeWeb