Molecular diagnostics startup Miroculus is going all in on microRNAs as the ideal blood-based biomarker for diagnosing and monitoring a number of diseases and even tracking an individual’s general physiological well-being at the point of care and in resource-poor areas of the world, the company’s chief technology officer said this week.

In a keynote presentation at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference held here this week, CTO Jorge Soto unveiled the company’s new open database of miRNA associations and interactions, and the latest iteration of an inexpensive desktop instrument for detecting and analyzing the biomarkers.

Based in San Francisco’s Mission Bay area, Miroculus aims to tap into the growing evidence that miRNAs — small non-coding RNA molecules whose primary role is to regulate gene expression — can serve as powerful biomarkers for a number of conditions including various cancers and infectious diseases.

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