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We are a stealth startup in the space of biotechnology/biosciences located in San Francisco, CA. We are professional with challenging and engaging work, as our goal is to use genome engineering to solve various goals and unmet needs.


Our work environment includes:

  • Flexible working hours (progress > hours)
  • Safe work environment (i.e. https://diversity.ucsf.edu/about/pride-values)
  • Casual work attire but professional with our actions
  • Growth opportunities

We are looking for biologists with extensive experience working with yeast for our stealth mode, super-early stage startup as founding members of the team. This is not a typical position that is paid with benefits, rather, this is a non-paid position with equity in the startup. This is for someone who can balance their current life and work (or managing more than 1 [current] job for their stable income) and wants to be part of the founding team (with equity) of a genome engineering startup by throwing all of their experiences, knowledge, and skills to solve scientific problems and challenges. This is not for someone who has been away from the bench for a significant amount of time, expecting this to be a hands-off/managing role, or expecting this to be a training opportunity and/or with minimal experience working in the lab.


The best candidates should be able to:

  • demonstrated a history of successful scientific innovation and/or overcame unique scientific challenges that are “outside of the box”
  • work with a team-first mindset with a sense of urgency in their day-to-day
    make good, informed decisions based on solid scientific data/evidence that accumulates from each experiment
  • do their due diligence and effectively communicate both internally and externally on a regular basis


Education and Experience:

  • Extensive work experience (PhD, Postdoc, or industry employment) in the field of (broadly) cell biology/biotechnology with the use of yeast cells (or yeast culture)
  • Individuals with extensive experience working with yeast without the aforementioned credentials will be considered
  • Independent, reliable scientists who communicate well both in science and between people.



Demonstrated a broad range of skills, including (but not limited to):

  • molecular cloning and molecular biology techniques
  • cell culture (yeast), transformation of yeast
  • perform HR in yeast; siRNA/CRISPR in selection assays
  • sequencing analysis [NGS experience not required but valuable]


Does it sound interesting to you? If so, let’s chat!

To apply for this job email your details to martin@ncrspt.com