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Developing therapeutics against a new, proprietary enzyme class

Scientist – Compound Screening
We are a preclinical stage platform company developing disease modifying therapeutics against a novel class of enzymes to treat age-related disorders: neurological, oncological, fibrotic, cardiovascular, and inflammatory diseases.

We are seeking inquisitive individuals who can thrive in a collaborative and dynamic culture and are steadfast in the commitment to advance cutting-edge science to make transformative medicines for patients with unmet medical needs.

As part of Nitrase Therapeutics growth and drive toward the clinic, we are seeking to recruit a Compound Screening Scientist. The ideal candidate is highly experienced with designing, validating and implementing the process for routine screening of small molecules in an SAR driven compound development program. The relevant assays could include cell assays, enzyme activity, binding and/or displacement assays, using FP, TR-FRET, SPR or any readout suitable for the relevant enzyme. This will include data analysis, quality control and capability to develop/utilize novel bioassays to solve challenging biology problems. Managerial experience is also highly desirable. The successful candidate will work with team members across scientific disciplines to develop robust medium throughput assays for routine compound screening campaigns using automation to screen for small molecule inhibitors of our novel enzymes.


• Implement and apply appropriate assays (up to 384-well format) using automation for several small molecule inhibitor screening campaigns
• May design and develop biophysical, biochemical and cellular compound screening assays independently and with team members
• Formulate and deliver screening workflows that ensure rapid and accurate turnaround of data, to agreed timelines, to drive achievement of key project goals
• Perform comprehensive data analysis using specialized software to process HTS and concentration-response data
• Translate experimental data into biologically meaningful information, based on excellent data analysis skills
• Provide scientific, technical and strategic input to ensure liquid handlers and robotics are meeting the business requirements by maintenance, repairs, upgrades and purchases
• Incorporate compound management strategies into compound screening process
• Lead biochemical/biophysical compound screening projects and define appropriate strategies that will achieve the scientific goals
• Mentor junior scientists and train them to perform HTS in a robust and reproducible manner


• Degree (BS, MS, or Ph D) in Biology, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biology, or related scientific field
• 5 years+ experience with medium throughput compound screening, robotic automation, assay validation, compound and data management, quality control, and staff mentoring/development
• Expertise and skill in acquiring and implementing new technologies and methods for novel assays and to increase throughput and accuracy
• Proven ability to work both independently and as an integrated player in a small team environment
• Detail-oriented, excellent in oral and written communication
• Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications

Nitrase Therapeutics is an equal opportunity employer.

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