Pandorum Technologies

Cell Biology

Primary Responsibilities include:

Independently design and execute cell culture experiments related to the development, scale-up, and characterization of the cell culture process
Establish linkage between upstream bioreactor parameters or media conditions to exosome yield and quality attributes
Purify exosomes from the cell culture medium using ultracentrifugation or related method, and related process development and optimization
Independently design and carry out in vitro assays for drug candidates under development on cell level and physiochemical property studies
Hands-on experimentation for mice models
Communicate effectively through written and oral means. Manage and maintain process data in an organized manner, this includes writing/revising SOPs, authoring technical reports, and tech transfer documents, and preparing scientific presentations as needed
Participate and drive decision-making within the project team by actively engaging in and leading scientific and technical discussions
Desired Education and Skills Requirements:

Training in cell biology or pharmaceutical science or related field, especially miRNA discovery studies
Can operate cell culture independently (mammalian cell lines)
Understand and can operate in vitro assay at the cell level (ELISA, qPCR, Western Blot, MTT Assay)
Has experience with ultracentrifuge or Extracellular Vesicles research
Has hands-on experience with animals
Required Qualifications:

MS or Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Pharmaceutical Science, or related experience is required
Experience with exosome research is preferred
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
Exceptional written and verbal communication
Good laboratory skills relating to cell culture
Good record-keeping skills and experience with SOP
Flexibility in workload, hours, and job duties to achieve team objectives
Positive attitude, great work ethic, and ambition be an active listener and open to constructive feedback and suggestions
Candidates must be authorized to work in the U.S.

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