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Cellular Agriculture Company

Your work at Wildtype

  • Complete critical research projects in the field of aquatic animal cell line engineering and gene expression
    Perform tissue culture, genetic engineering, and molecular biology work.
  • Maintain organized, accurate, and timely experimental records.
  • Communicate findings and problems to supervisor in verbal and written formats

What you bring to the table

  • Academic background in topics such as cell cycle, proliferation, epigenetics, cell fate, protein production, lipid uptake, metabolism, and regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells
  • Technical background in molecular biology (CRISPR/Cas9 editing of eukaryotic genomes, PCR and basic sequence analysis, DNA design and cloning techniques, Western blots and cellular assays)
  • Experience with editing primary mammalian/animal/stem cells, high- throughput genetic screens, or synthetic biology is a plus
  • Strong quantitative skills in statistical analysis applied to cells
  • Positive attitude, growth mindset, curiosity, ability to learn quickly, overcome obstacles, and excel in a fast-paced work environment… while having fun!
  • Effective project & time management, especially when managing large workloads
  • Initiative to accomplish key tasks and pick up the slack
  • Desire to work as a team player and build a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, communicative, and considerate work environment
  • Excitement for the challenges and opportunities of a dynamic startup environment, and passion for cellular agriculture & the future of the company!

What we’ll teach you

  • How to apply your experience in genetic engineering, molecular biology, and cell biology to the production of next-generation seafood!
  • How to design an appropriate approach to achieve company objectives in a fast paced startup environment
  • How to work with a fast-moving, interdisciplinary team working at the leading edge of several fields!

Impact Plan

  • Within 1 month you will have learned your way around the lab, performed several protocols once, and began several experiments. You will have defined your professional development goals for the next twelve months.
  • Within 3 months you will have mastered basic lab techniques within Wildtype’s unique research environment. With the guidance of your scientific mentor, you will have completed your first set of transfections and analysed the resulting cell lines for specific outputs.
  • Within 6 months you will have a deep understanding of how your work impacts company objectives, and contributed to the design of several experiments. You will be independently organizing your tasks and carrying out experiments to achieve goals on time at a high level of quality.
  • Within 12 months you will be able to articulate how your work directly impacts company milestones. Your skills will have been developed to the point where you could train a new hire on all of the protocols you regularly perform. You will routinely take the initiative to research topics independently and volunteer new ideas or approaches.


Apply Now!

Wildtype is committed to building a diverse workplace spanning multiple dimensions including race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, and veteran status.

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