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Agilent BioTek Cytation 5 cell imaging multimode reader

  • Combined automated microscopy and microplate detection in one instrument
  • Up to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast modules
  • Flexible microscopy modes enable rapid live cell kinetic assays, long-term multiplate live cell kinetic assays, automatic region of interest identification, and hit picking
  • Advanced algorithms in Agilent BioTek Gen5 microplate reader and imager software, including but not limited to primary masking, secondary masking, and spot counting, allow cell count, confluence, cytoplasmic and intracellular analysis, signal translocation, and subpopulation analysis, among others
  • Multiplate processing made possible through the addition of the Agilent BioTek BioStack microplate stacker, the Agilent BioTek BioSpa 8 automated incubator, and the Agilent BenchCel microplate handler

Contact Information

Diana Bogorodskaya
Sales Representative

Soham Parikh
Field Applications Scientist – Imaging

Anh Truong
Field Applications Scientist – Imaging

Sean Dixon
Field Applications Scientist – Automation

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