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With an over 145 year history of scientific innovation, Shimadzu offers a wide array of analytical solutions for life science and biopharmaceuticals. Our portfolio includes techniques such as HPLC, GC, LCMS, MALDI, preparative LC, optical spectroscopy, thermal analysis, particle size analyzers, physical measurement, and even balances.

Shimadzu has kept pace with the evolving challenges of the scientific landscape by working close with their customers to obtain valuable insight for continuous product enhancements. With a message “Excellence in Science,” Shimadzu aims to be a leader in analytical technology through its instrumentation and its passionate organization. We look forward to working with the members of MBC Biolabs as a partner in scientific research. We have an exciting pipeline of new products with cutting edge technology which will help you in your R&D efforts.

Come join us for a Lunch and Learn session where we will tell more about our new and existing products for Pharma and Biopharma market and the instrument placed at MBC.

Speaker(s) info

Stephen Kurzyniec, Pharma/Biopharma Business Development, sjkurzyniec@shimadzu.com
Andrew Meissner, LC Technical Support Scientist, apmeissner@shimadzu.com
Deepshikha Angrish PhD, LC Sales Specialist Pharma/ Biopharma, deangrish@shimadzu.com

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