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Come and learn about Bio-Rad’s custom antibody generation services!

  • Do you need an antibody to an analyte that exists in different states (e.g. free and ligand-bound)?
  • Is your analyte in a matrix of very similar proteins, and cross-reactivity must be avoided?
  • Would a human antibody be the ideal calibrator for an immunogenicity assay?

In this 30 min talk I will describe Bio-Rad’s animal-free phage display method of generating recombinant tool antibodies, and how the library screen conditions can be manipulated to generate antibodies that meet challenging specificity requirements. This will be followed by Q&A and any 1:1 discussions you may wish to have.

Paola Genevini, PhD
Technical Sales Specialist, Custom Antibodies

Paola is a Technical Sales Specialist for Bio-Rad’s Custom Antibody Service and has been with Bio-Rad since September 2021. She previously worked as a scientist in the service department of an epigenetic company for 5 years. Paola is a biotechnologist by training, and she holds a PhD from the University of Milano (Italy).

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