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An Exclusive Lunch & Learn for MBC Biolabs Residents

Benchling and MBC Biolabs recently announced a new partnership to provide modern R&D data management tools to the next generation of biotech innovators, so we are hosting a series of Lunch & Learns for the MBC Biolabs community to introduce ourselves to you. Join us in person on June 7th (953 Indiana St) and June 8th (733 Industrial Rd & 930 Brittan Ave) for free lunch and a Q&A with Benchling experts and customers. Register now to reserve your spot!


Benchling in Action: Get an introduction and live look at the Benchling R&D Cloud

Customer Story: Hear how MBC Biolabs alumni Serotiny has centralized, standardized, and connected their R&D data on Benchling to make cell & gene therapy breakthroughs faster

Office Hours: Q&A with Benchling experts and customers to discuss how our R&D Cloud can accelerate your science

Haven’t heard of us before?

At Benchling, our mission is to unlock the power of biotechnology. Our unified R&D Cloud platform makes it easier to capture and access the data you need, collaborate as a team, and accelerate decision making. Benchling has helped more than 400 innovative biotech startups to establish solid data foundations for future growth. With our Benchling for MBC Biolabs program, MBC Biolabs residents get rapid access to the core functions you need to be successful today (molecular design, lab notebook, biological registration, and inventory management), and as your team grows, Benchling’s R&D Cloud will grow with you.

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