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Horizon Discovery (a PerkinElmer company) is a global biosciences organization focused upon delivering the next generation of gene modulating technologies. Throughout our history, we have partnered with biotechnology customers from the startup phase through to launch and beyond. We realize that timing is critical in ensuring a smooth journey towards achieving your research goals and progressing to full launch. Horizon Discovery is uniquely positioned to provide you with comprehensive, flexible products and research services to enable generation of critical proof of concept data necessary to meet those goals. These include a full catalog of DIY gene editing and modulation products for CRISPR, siRNA, shRNA, and ready-to-screen KO cell lines. Horizon also offers streamlined research service partnerships including custom cell line engineering, whole genome CRISPR screening, cell panel screening, and more. Join us to learn more about how we can work together to address your drug discovery needs from target ID to pre-clinical.

This webinar will be hosted at 930 Brittan Ave but transmitted to all locations via Zoom.
Following the event, we’ll have an in person Q&A at all locations.
Pizza will be served at all sites as well.

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