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Join us to learn how Bio-Rad can accelerate your therapeutic antibody discovery and expand your flow cytometry panels!

Find out how the new PioneerTM Antibody Discovery Platform, one of the largest functional phage display libraries, has been designed to develop best-in-class biologic candidates. Its novel selection system, called SpyDisplay, allows for the accelerated selection of high affinity uman therapeutic drug candidates. Learn how StarBrightTM Dyes, innovative, new dyes developed for flow cytometry, can help you build bigger, better flow cytometry panels.

Key Contact at MBCBiolabs: Flavia Nachbar, flavia.nachbar@mbcbiolabs.com

For more information on Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform contact:
Birthe Jessen-Park, PhD, Technical Sales Specialist birthe_jessen-park@bio-rad.com
Miao Li, PhD, Market Development Manager miao_li@bio-rad.com

For more information on StarBright Dyes contact:
Anjilna Wali, Market Development Manager anjilna_wali@bio-rad.com

Explore bio-rad-antibodies.com for more information.

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