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Presented by Soham Parikh, Ph.D., Cellular Imaging Sales Specialist, PerkinElmer

The MuviCyte is a flexible live-cell imaging system from PerkinElmer. It has an open stage design, has XY stitching and Z-stack capability, and MuviCyte users really appreciate its image quality. MuviCyte has been installed at 930 Brittan Avenue and this webinar will walk you through how you can incorporate it into your workflows.

Through this webinar, you will learn more about:

· MuviCyte’s unique in-incubator operation & other versatile features
· Flexible imaging and autofocus modes
· Typical & key applications including stem cell monitoring, spheroid analysis, scratch wound assays, reporter gene assays
· Overview of its intuitive & flexible moviemaking and analysis software

If you have any questions about the MuviCyte, please send them over to soham.parikh@perkinelmer.com

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