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Our newest partner IsoPlexis will be hosting a Tech Talk

It will be discussed how IsoPlexis technology is Accelerating the Next Generation of Immune Medicine with Cellular Proteomics by providing correlative clinical & pre-clinical immune biomarkers that differentiate mechanistic information in the world of disease & immunology.


IsoPlexis’ interdisciplinary product suite allows you to gain insight and further research, including:

  • Single-cell functional proteomics to identify biological drivers that orchestrate response in preclinical and clinical case studies for cancer immunology, inflammation, neurology, oncology, and infectious disease
  • Identify the functional immune landscape of mouse, NHP and human samples to interrogate and understand the different proteomic profiles
  • Observe intracellular functional pathways driving therapeutic resistance and develop combination therapies to combat resistant cell states and resolve tumor heterogeneity
  • Understand the functional differences of tumor antigen potency in bi-specifics and evaluate antibody based combination therapies for preclinical and clinical efficacy
  • Pinpoint the unique polyfunctional monocyte cell types that drive tumor suppression
  • Reveal preclinical choice of durable candidates for novel nanoparticle cancer vaccines
  • Define pathogenesis, the role of cytokines and the immune response in COVID-19 and other infectious disease

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