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This is the fourth in Longevity SF’s series of dialogues on strategies that scientists and biotech companies are taking to extend years of healthy life. The goal of the Longevity Dialogues is to provide cutting edge insight on the promise and caveats of lifespan and healthspan extending strategies from the mouths of the scientists employing them.

The format will be a 10 minute talk from each of our speakers, Dr. Ashley Zehnder and Dr. Nick Hertz, followed by a moderated Q&A with plenty of time for audience questions. Light dinner and drinks will be provided.

Longevity SF is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the non-profit, Longevity Global. We host events for our curated community of longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs. These monthly events include research talks, networking events, hikes, and our annual finale event, the Longevity Summit at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. We also connect virtually on Slack. You can apply to join us here.

Big thanks to BioAge Labs for sponsoring this event and to MBC BioLabs for sponsoring use of their beautiful space.

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Dr. Ashley Zehnder
CEO, Fauna Bio

Dr. Ashley Zehnder is CEO and Co-founder of Fauna Bio. Fauna has a partnership deal with Eli Lilly for $494M.

Dr. Nick Hertz
CEO, Montara

Dr. Nick Hertz is CEO and Co-founder of Montara and exited his previous company, Mitokinin, to AbbVie in 2023.

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