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VastBiome is an AI-driven drug discovery company that is mining the gut-immune axis for small molecules that can be used to treat immunological disorders. Our discovery platform uses a combination of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology to identify, synthesize, and characterize molecules with therapeutic properties. We are actively recruiting for one of the largest microbiome-cancer longitudinal studies in the world.

Kareem Barghouti
Cofounder & CEO of VastBiome

Kareem’s background is in Strategy & Operations and Sales & Marketing. Kareem was an early employee at a fast-growing tech startup, Wildfire Interactive, that Google acquired for $450M. He spent 5 years at Google leading the data integrity of Google’s advertising business which oversaw 1000s of sales reps globally and billions of dollars in revenue. He was recognized as one of the top sales reps globally for the New Business Sales team. In 2017, Kareem left his corporate career to participate in a health innovation Fellowship at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston, Texas, where VastBiome was born.

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