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MSD Technology & Applications

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) is a leading immunoassay platform offering high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility, and wide dynamic range for the measurement of analytes in biological samples. Additionally, MSD’s proprietary MULTI ARRAY technology enhances medical research and drug development by enabling researchers to profile many biomarkers simultaneously in a single sample without compromising assay performance. This presentation will detail the MSD electrochemiluminescent and multiplexing technology and advantages over traditional ELISA and Westerns, along with an overview of MSD’s large menu of assay offerings and diversity of application areas, as well as reagents for assay development.

Dr. Caroline Lew, MSD Applications Scientist

For more information contact Barbara Liepe, PhD at 510 468 4830 or bliepe@mesoscale.com and visit www.mesoscale.com for a full list of our assays.

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