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Metabolism is the key to understanding cellular response

A growing body of evidence points to a primary role for metabolism in many diseases. Seahorse XF technology enables functional and real-time study of live cells. Non-invasive standardized Seahorse assays permit quantitation of physiological changes in cellular energy.

Learn about how to get starting using the Seahorse HS Mini analyzer at the MBC Core Lab at 930 Brittan Ave, San Carlos.

Use the Seahorse Analyzer to:

  • Define metabolic phenotypes in cancer cells.
  • Explore immune cell activation, and changes to immune cell function.
  • Identify fuel dependencies to uncover diseased cell vulnerabilities.
  • Easily evaluate data using cloud-based Seahorse Analytics (included with your Seahorse HS Mini!)


Antoni Wandycz
Product Specialist for Seahorse XF & xCELLigence cell function platforms

Lunch is provided

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