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PipLight is an augmented reality based solution that actively guides 96/384 well microtiter plate loading and dramatically decreases manual errors. An average microtiter assay costs at least $1000 (reagents plus scientist time for loading/assay/interpretation), while error rates for complex loading schemes range from 10 to >50% of plates depending on operator skill and experience. This demo will show how PipLight makes microplate loading easier, faster and error free.

David D. Moore is acting CEO of LabLightAR. He is also a founder and editor of Current Protocols in Molecular Biology and the Chair of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology at UC Berkeley. J. Anthony Mein and Nik Stires are LLAR Augmented Reality engineers who have developed PipLight UI, UX, and functionalities. Both are recent graduates of the Computer Science department at Seattle University.

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