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We’re excited to invite you to SkyDeck @ MBC Biolabs.

Hear 7 Berkeley SkyDeck Companies across therapeutics, diagnostics and research tools pitch their idea to you. Each company pitching is not pitching for money / investors, but rather just pitching for relationships (ideas, feedback, input, collaborators).

The event will have an hour of pitches followed by an hour of network where food and drinks will be provided.


HDAX Therapeutics:

HDAX Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company committed to the development of novel small molecule targeted therapeutics directed at disease drivers of neuropathies, with additional applications in neurodegeneration and cardiovascular diseases.

RJH Biosciences:

The RJH Biosciences Inc. is developing novel biomaterials for delivery of nucleic acids. RJH Inc. will pursue commercial development of the biomaterials for two types of applications; one as a transfection reagent for the biomedical R&D enterprise and one as a therapeutic delivery agent for clinical use.


Okomera is pioneering automation and miniaturization of personalized tumor biopsy studies. Okomera’s 3D technology is currently used for testing patient samples and will later on be included in clinical trials.

Red Arrow Therapeutics:

Red Arrow is developing biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles, namely, nanomedicine which can circulate in blood, extravasate to enter organs and intravasate to come back to the bloodstream. This nanomedicine can emit signals by detecting biological signals for diagnosis and can release therapeutic agents by sensing pathological molecules for Therapeutics.

Cambridge Nucleomics:

Cambridge Nucleomics have developed proprietary barcoding reagents that bind target poly- or oligonucleotides of interest to allow quantification with solid-state nanopores. This is particularly useful for short RNA drugs (ASOs, RNAi, sgRNAs) and biomarkers (miRNAs), where conventional methods are inadequate.


Endometrics developed a new genomic biomarker for endometriosis and EndoCup kit for at-home menstrual blood collection and further analysis at a certified lab. Endometrics has validated the biomarker on several hundred patients, and continues to collect a unique biobank for further drug development.


Loxagen was started by industry and research veterans to develop therapies targeting rare neurological indications. They have demonstrated that their approach helps in the treatment of SubArachnoid Hemorrhage and stops the progression of the disease.

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