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3D Cell Culture Seminar and Thermo Fisher CellBio table show. Please register for food and beverages head count.

3D cellular models such as organoids and spheroids offer an opportunity to better understand complex biology in a physiologically relevant context where 2D models have not proven as successful. Thermo Fisher is leveraging their expertise in 2D cell culture systems to help you develop 3D cell culture systems by supplying superior cell culture reagents, assay readouts, and instrumentation. The seminar today will highlight Thermo Fisher’s ability to support 3D researchers throughout the entire 3D cell culture workflow: Model creation, characterization, and analysis. We will discuss the tools needed to establish 3D models, spotlight supported 3D cell culture workflows, and discuss a virtual support and training platform available to assist you on your 3D cell culture journey.


12:00pm-12:30pm Table Session
12:30pm-1:30pm Seminar

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An Le, Cell Culture Specialist
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