Leica Virtual Computational Clearing Workshop


RSVP SEMINAR and Q&A: THUNDER Imagers – Decode 3D Biology in Real-time, followed by a Virtual System Demonstration Presented by: Olga Davydenko, Ph.D., Jen Lee, Ph.D., Garrett Standish Computa [...]

Sartorius iQue3 Webinar


What Is New With Sartorius Octet and iQue3? RSVP Please join Sartorius in the upcoming seminar to learn more about the iQue3 applications. Additionally, Sartorius acquired ForteBio last year and they [...]

Leica THUNDER Webinar


Microscopy Imaging Workshop RSVP Please join Leica in the upcoming seminar to learn more about the THUNDER microscope available for use at MBC BioLabs 953 and 930. Computational Clearing – available e [...]

Leica Stellaris Webinar


Join our virtual seminar to Get Closer to the Truth with STELLARIS. View this demonstration kicking off a multi-day workshop at MBC BioLabs! With the STELLARIS confocal platform, we have re-imagined confocal microscopy to get you closer to the truth when conducting applications in cancer research, immunology, neuroscience, stem cells, and cardiovascular research, among others.

Li-Cor Empiria Studio Demonstration Webinar Session 1


Expert-Level Analysis Made Simple - Learn how you can improve the accuracy of your statistical analysis while also saving time. Learn about the different workflows in this new software that will help you get the most robust and accurate data.

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