Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub (Fujifilm) is pleased to announce that it has joined MBC Biolabs, an organization supporting the development of startup companies, as a sponsor with the intent to foster collaboration and innovation in biotech. By joining the MBC Biolabs community, Fujifilm will have access to nearly 100 resident companies, laboratories, contract research facilities and collaboration space to develop potential partnerships in the biotech field. The sponsorship agreement is valid for one year, with the option to renew.

The goal of the strategic sponsorship will be to combine Fujifilm’s technologies born out of innovations in film development, with inventions from the MBC Biolabs incubator to develop new products and services to address needs in biotechnologies, bio-electronics, alternative meat, and contract development and manufacturing. The sponsorship will offer Fujifilm early access to emerging biotech startups, and novel R&D breakthroughs, in which Fujifilm can begin partnering discussions.

Fujifilm, originally established as a maker of photosensitive materials, has developed diverse core technologies and capitalized on them in developing a variety of high-tech products and materials. Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub acts a bridge to allow Fujifilm to leverage its core technologies to address our partners’ challenges and needs, with the ultimate goal of a better life, society and global environment.

“Here at Fujifilm we’ve consistently pursued innovation through a focus on R&D for the past 87 years. The core technologies we’ve developed through our history in photography, have become the foundation for our products across various fields from photography to pharmaceuticals,” said Aki Machida, manager, Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub. “On top of this foundation, Fujifilm has added FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, and FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics  to its portfolio to advance its offerings in life science industry. By partnering with a world-class incubator such as MBC Biolabs, Fujifilm’s life science-driven subsidiaries will be able to collaborate with startups at the early stage of innovation to develop the next wave of technologies that will improve quality of life.”


For more information about the Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub please visit: https://www.fujifilmoihus.com/

For self-guided tour of Fujifilm showroom: https://my.matterport.com/

For more information about MBC Biolabs please visit: https://mbcbiolabs.com/