San Francisco, CA (February 5, 2018) – QB3@953 to become MBC BioLabs with the addition of a brand-new facility in San Carlos. QB3@953, an independent provider of innovative shared laboratory space located at 953 Indiana St. in San Francisco, was born out of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, a three-campus organization at UC San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz (QB3). With the addition of a new purpose-built life-science incubator at 733 Industrial Rd. in San Carlos, the QB3@953 name is being updated to encompass the multiple Bay Area locations, affiliation with the national BioLabs alliance (, and association with Mission Bay Capital (MBC).

“We are excited to be adding more premier laboratory space to further ‘enable awesome.’ We love helping entrepreneurial life-scientists efficiently build innovative companies, but we simply haven’t had enough space. We have only been able to accept 10% of our applicants,” said MBC BioLab’s General Manager, Doug Crawford. “While it is difficult to part with the cherished QB3@953 name, MBC BioLabs better-captures our expanding reach.”

The 953 Indiana St. facility houses 45 companies in only 24,000 square feet. By providing full laboratory services and incremental space as needed, companies grow efficiently using just the capital and resources necessary. The first San Carlos expansion phase will add an additional 10,000 square feet to the MBC BioLabs network in Q1 2018, accommodating 15-20 new companies. With the addition of another 25,000 square feet in San Carlos by Q2 2019, over 100 companies will be part of the MBC BioLabs community.

MBC BioLabs enjoys the strong support of a growing community of pharmaceutical partners. Our Platinum Sponsors Amgen, GSK, Pfizer and our newest partner, AbbVie, are a vital part of enabling MBC BioLabs to fulfill its mission of efficiently bringing together the smallest and largest companies to drive innovative patient treatments and cures.

About MBC BioLabs (Previously QB3@953)
MBC BioLabs provides space as small as a single bench in fully-equipped labs. Scientists can conduct experiments on their first day, cutting months and millions of dollars off the time and cost necessary to gather data. MBC BioLabs facilities in San Francisco and San Carlos are home to 45 energetic young companies. Since opening its doors four years ago, MBC BioLabs tenant companies have raised over $1.7 billion dollars.

About Mission Bay Capital
Mission Bay Capital is an early-stage investor dedicated to helping entrepreneurial scientist create successful companies. We do this because we believe that startups are the most-efficient engine for positive change. The passion and purpose that entrepreneurs bring turn ideas into solutions. These small companies take-on oversized problems like chronic diseases and global environmental challenges, and with seemingly inadequate resources they succeed. We are here to help.

Contact: MBC BioLabs
Name: Linda Eng
Phone: 415-347-8287