Amgen Golden Ticket Winners!

Amgen announced a five-year sponsorship of QB3@953 to accelerate the development of new therapies to improve human health. As part of the sponsorship, Amgen launched two "Amgen Golden Ticket" awards, providing each winner with one year of lab space at QB3@953. The 2016 Amgen Golden Ticket winners, Mission Bio and SiteOne Therapeutics, were chosen by a team of scientific leaders who evaluated the strength and novelty of the scientific rationale, subject matter expertise, and business plan viability.

Cell Design Labs raises $34M B round and establishes partnership with Kite Pharma

Cell Design Labs is engineering CAR-T cells to treat cancer in such a way that their activity can be precisely controlled, thus overcoming a major safety issue with this very promising therapeutic approach. KPCB led the round in which Mission Bay Capital participated.
Ripple Foods in Whole Foods 

Last year QB3@953 helped Neil Renninger and his colleagues get Ripple Foods going. Several times a week they would huddle in the common room to taste their non-dairy milk product. Last weekend, I was at Whole Foods and saw the fruit of their labor! It is healthy and delicious – you should give it a try.
Naked Biome 

We'd like to welcome a new member of the QB3@953 community: Naked Biome using bacteria to fight bacteria, they are seeking to treat skin diseases, particularly acne, by creating a healthy skin microbiome. This terrific team is led by Dr. Emma Taylor, and will be joined here by David Hanzel, Iden Haddadzadeh, and Shreyasee Chakraborty.
September 15, 2016
3 PM - 4 PM

StartX Program
Henri Deshays, Strategy
Brian Hoffman, Business Development

StartX is a non profit (we take no equity nor charge any fees) accelerator and community of entrepreneurs affiliated with Stanford University. Our mission is to support Stanford affiliated startups at every stage of their development, from the inception up to 100 employees. Since 2011, StartX has accelerated 360 startups which collectively raised $2B, $90B of which was invested by the Stanford-StartX Fund. A third of our startups participate to StartX Med, dedicated vertical to Biotech and Med Device startups.



Our mission is to help entrepreneurs create successful life science companies, by providing high-quality space and facilities in the setting of a vibrant, self-starting community.

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