Servier partners with QB3@953 to find and cultivate innovative startups

Servier is the second largest French pharmaceutical company with over 3,000 researchers focused on novel treatments for cardiovascular disease, oncology, diabetes, CNS, and Rheumatology.  

This partnership is a boon for researchers on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing together Servier's decades of expertise and QB3@953's innovative thinking and startup community. Servier will receive a "golden ticket," which allows Servier to award a bench to a startup company.  Servier's Golden Ticket grant will give a promising Bay Area biotech company access to QB3's millions of dollars of state-of-the-art research equipment, as well as the opportunity to build a research relationship with an international pharma leader. 

Antoine Bril, Scientific Director of Research and Partnerships, Servier, will launch the partnership with a seminar and 1:1 meetings on January 12, 2017 at noon (see below).
Enable Biosciences was awarded top place in the First Annual Diabetes Innovation Challenge held in Boston for the most innovative late-stage (pre-clinical through translational) technolgy for their breakthrough ultra-sensitivity antibody assay platform. 

Press Release

We'd like to welcome indee!  Indee will be joining QB3@953 to further develop their gene therapy enabling technology and applications thereof to cell-based therapeutics.
After raising $35M from Sofinova and Atlas, Delinia, who is working on treatments for autoimmune disease, has moved to the East Bay. Come celebrate their success with a glass of champagne on January 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM.
Cell Design Labs, a biotherapeutics company pioneering breakthrough science to develop disruptive cell-based therapies for cancer and other devastating diseases, has been a part of QB3 since March 2016. Based on innovative research from Dr. Wendell Lim's lab at UCSF, Cell Design Labs leverages the power of the body's immune system to develop smart, living therapies with the potential to treat our most challenging diseases with unprecedented power, precision, safety and durability. While at QB3@953, Cell Design Labs grew from 3 to 20, raised $34M, and established a large partnership with Kite - not bad in a year.  Now they have moved on to the East Bay.  Come toast their success with champagne on February 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm.
Seminar: January 5, 2017, 2 PM - 3 PM
The knowledge that perishes because we do not publish it
Lenny Teytelman,
Researchers frequently rediscover knowledge that others have not had the time to publish, and we are improving the existing methods without the ability to share the improvements with the world. seeks to increase our efficiency by creating a central open access platform that makes it easy to discover and share life science methods.  He is making this platform freely available to QB3@953 scientists.
Seminar and Partnering Meeting: January 12, 2017, 11:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Servier, Partnering with QB3@953 for Innovation
Antoine Bril, Scientific Director of Research and Partnerships

11:30 - 12:00 PM    Lunch
12:00 - 1:00 PM      Seminar
1:15 - 4:30 PM        Partnering Discussions

To apply for a partnering meeting, please contact Linda Eng by January 8, 2017.

Antoine is actively involved in designing the strategy for R&D in terms of therapeutic and scientific fields and is overseeing the pre-competitive programs Servier is involved in, including the Innovative Medicine Initiative. Antoine is a member of the InnoMedS Group and on the Board Sponsored Committee on Innovation of EFPIA. Antoine has more than 28 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Research and Development, at various positions in companies based in France and in the United States of America.
Seminar: January 19, 2017, 2 PM - 3 PM
How to make quality decisions under conditions of uncertainty - A Decision Analysis Approach
Tassos Nicolaou, President & CEO, Delpor, Inc.

Should I invest in a new venture? Launch a new clinical trial? Conduct an expensive experiment? Partner with another company? Pursue IP litigation? These decisions would all be easy if we can only predict the future. However, nobody has a crystal ball and we all have to make decisions based on limited information.

What are the key considerations in making quality decisions when dealing with an uncertain outcome? This talk will use a simple but real exercise in order to illustrate some of the key elements ("distinctions") one should consider when making decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

Tassos Nicolaou has over 20 years of business experience working with life science companies as an executive, strategy consultant, and entrepreneur. He spent the first half of his career at Strategic Decision Group (SDG), where he assisted Fortune 100 companies in strategy development and selection. He also led SDG's client education practice and delivered Decision Quality seminars to pharmaceutical and other executives worldwide. He is currently President and CEO of Delpor, Inc., a life sciences company focusing on drug delivery. Tassos holds a Master's in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University where he focused on decision analysis.

Seminar:  January 26, 2017, 2 - 3 PM
Amgen Innovator Series
Ethan Perlstein, CEO

Join us for Ethan's Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur talk about the science and story of Perlara PBC (née Perlstein Lab).  Born from the ashes of what Ethan coined as the "postdocalypse", over the past three years at QB3@953 he and his team have crafted a formidable drug development platform for rare diseases based on phenotypic analyses of engineered model organisms. From the original concept to platform buildout at QB3@953, their work quickly lead to their current development of a lead candidate for lysosomal storage disease Niemann-Pick Disease type C. Perlara recently had their progress validated by a drug discovery collaboration with and investment from Novartis. Come hear more about Perlara's journey and cool platform.
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