August 2018 Newsletter
Mammoth Biosciences raises $23M for its CRISPR-based disease detection engine
After completing their graduate work at Stanford, Trevor Martin and Ashley Tehranchi took 2 benches at MBC BioLabs to launch Mammoth Biosciences. Now, only seven months later, they and their colleagues have completed a $23M Series A. Mammoth Biosciences is turning UC Berkeley professor, Jennifer Doudna's latest CRISPR discoveries into an innovative diagnostics platform. The research portion of the company will include Berkeley PhD students Janice Chen and Lucas Harrington at the helm. MBC BioLabs and Mission Bay Capital are thrilled to have been able to help this terrific team of entrepreneurial scientists go from start to data and financing in such short order.
Coral Genomics develops therapeutics that effectively treat disease across the diversity of genetic backgrounds. Powered by our custom bank of cell lines, we work with biotech partners in the preclinical stage to identify variation in therapeutic response. We recommend strategies for overcoming that variation and inform patient selection during the clinical trial process. 
Mattershift designs and manufactures nanotube membranes for biofuels, carbon zero fuels, cell-free biological processes, and precise molecular separations and synthesis. The ultimate goal is to realize the promise of molecular factories that print matter from the air.
Nitrome Biosciences is developing drugs against a new class of enzymes, initially targeting Parkinson's disease. When successful, we will have founded and characterized the class of nitration enzymes making up the "Nitrome" and will have paved a novel inroad into the proprietary development of disease-modifying drugs for multiple additional aging-dependent diseases. We are starting with Parkinson's disease but this may be extended to include other neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease and cancer.
August 31, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM A Welcome Party for Newcomers! Location: 953 Indiana Street, San Francisco Please join us for a celebration to welcome all new companies to the MBC BioLabs family!  Come and meet the new faces in the building and enjoy some food!