Mammoth Biosciences Featured
on Forbes 30 Under 30

Congratulations to Trevor Martin, CEO of Mammoth Biosciences, who was featured on Forbes 2019 Healthcare 30 Under 30. Trevor is a 29-year-old Stanford biology PhD who wanted to create diagnostic tests, and not drugs. To do that, he happened upon one of the hottest technologies in biotech: an enzyme called CRISPR. Rather than using it as a method for genetic editing, new research from the UC Berkeley lab of CRISPR co-discoverer Jennifer Doudna showed it was possible to use it as not only a pair of scissors, but as a genetic search engine. They are developing this technology to detect viral diseases like Zika.

In just ten months of operating lab space at MBC BioLabs San Francisco, the team has raised a $23 million Series A from Mayfield, 8VC, and Mission Bay Capital.  Full Press Release

Prellis Biologics and CELLINK Sign Partnership

Prellis Biologics and CELLINK sign partnership to commercialize high-resolution holographic bioprinting technology for micro-printing.

The partners will utilize their IP, expertise, and know-how to offer the first system enabling ultra-high resolution bioprinting of microsctructures such as vascular networks or capillaries. The technology is an important complement to CELLINKs extrusion based bioprinting platform, enabling combined prints from the two printing technologies for anatomically relevant results.

Prellis Biologics has developed a proprietary ultra-fast, multi-photon laser-based bioprinting technology in fifteen months of tenancy at MBC BioLabs San Francisco. Live-cell imaging methods inspired the creation of a tissue printing system designed to replicate real human tissue structures, at never-before seen resolutions.  Full Press Release
Delve Therapeutics is an early-stage company researching new oncolytic viruses to treat metastatic cancers. The team is investigating possible ways to use synthetic biology to make viruses tumor-selective without reducing their cancer cell-killing potential.