February 2018 Newsletter
QB3@953 Has A New Name:  MBC BioLabs
QB3@953's innovative model of providing spaces as small as a single bench in fully-equipped labs has been wildly successful.  Our client's companies have raised over $1.7B!  Unfortunately, we haven't had enough space to accommodate all of the terrific applications we receive.  Consequently, we are growing to two new sites in San Carlos.  This larger network needed a new name - MBC BioLabs, one that reflects our connection to Mission Bay Capital (MBC) and the national BioLabs network.  Full Press Release
AbbVie and MBC BioLabs Team-up to Support Life-Science Startups in the San Francisco Bay Area
AbbVie and MBC BioLabs have teamed up to help support and mentor promising startups.  The partnership provides AbbVie multiple ways to access and support companies in the MBC BioLabs community - including allocating "Golden Tickets", which offers one year's use of a lab bench and core facilities at MBC Biolabs for entrepreneurial scientists at either the San Francisco or San Carlos sites. Applications for an AbbVie Golden Ticket are now being accepted (for more information, please email linda.eng@mbcbiolabs.com). "AbbVie is focused on developing medical treatments that address the some of the most complex health challenges across immunology, oncology and neuroscience," said Tom Hudson, M.D., vice president, oncology discovery and early development and Head, Research and Development, Redwood City, AbbVie. "AbbVie and AbbVie Ventures seek tomorrow's innovators and the Bay Area is a primary center of scientific talent.  Partnering our broad local resources, including more than 1,000 scientists and active Venture investing, with MBC Biolabs' proven capabilities to identify and nurture promising innovation, will help turn today's science into tomorrow's therapies."  Full Press Release
Mammoth Diagnostics is an early stage startup founded by Stanford PhDs that is developing the next generation diagnostics platform using recent advances in CRISPR technology. They are enabling everyone to have access to rapid, low cost, and easy to use tests for identifying DNA and RNA sequences. Their initial market focus is infectious disease testing, but they plan on rapidly expanding into many market verticals and across industries.
Provenance Biofabrics is harnessing breakthroughs in tissue engineering and synthetic biology to make the next generation of leather. By synthesizing and programming collagen, the building block of skin, they are working to reinvent our oldest consumer material, sustainably and with no animals harmed.
Seminar: February 15, 12:30 - 1:30 PM Planning for Business Income Taxes and Best Practices Robbie Lewis, CPA; Brent Hillberg, CPA, BHLF, LLP RSVP Robbie and Brent from BHLF will provide an over-view for successfully navigating income tax matters for your business, including covering relevant due dates, accounting and tax best practices, and common pitfalls to be aware of.