Astellas and MBC BioLabs Announce 2019 Golden Ticket Competition

Astellas is offering up to two Golden Tickets for pioneering scientific research that complements Astellas' innovation initiatives. Of particular interest are companies working in oncology, immunology/allergy, neuromuscular disorders, sensory disorders and neuroscience. 
Astellas Golden Ticket winners will gain access to:
  • One year's priority admission or renewal to MBC BioLabs state-of-the-art lab and Fast-Track Core facility
  • Astellas' R&D scientists, business leaders and global network partners
Submit your non-confidential company presentation to by Friday, October 11, 2019, for your chance to be considered.
Atropos Therapeutics and Atomwise Launch Joint Venture to Discover Senescence Modulating Small Molecules for Cancer Patients
Atropos Therapeutics, Inc., a senescence platform discovery company based in MBC BioLabs San Carlos, and Atomwise Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery, announced that they will launch a joint venture company to discover and advance a pipeline of compounds for promising discovery targets for the treatment of cancer. Full Press Release.
Founders at Work Speaker Series with Mitokinin:
"Amplifying PINK1 Kinase Activity to Cure Parkinson's Disease"
October 9, 2019 from 12:30 to 1:30 PM
MBC BioLabs San Francisco
Please join Mitokinin Co-founders for the next Founders-At-Work Speaker Series where entrepreneurs connect, share their stories and talk about science!
CLSI Startup Buzz Networking Event @ MBC BioLabs San Carlos
October 17, 2019 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM
MBC BioLabs San Carlos

Please join CLSI at MBC Biolabs for the CLSI Startup Buzz Networking Event and come to learn about the FAST Advisory Program for Life Science Startups.
California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) supports the foundations of innovation that have made California home to the world's most prominent life sciences ecosystem. Their mission is to maintain California's leadership in life sciences innovation through support of entrepreneurship, education and career development. CLSI also serves as an accelerator for CARB-X, the world's largest public-private partnership devoted to early stage antibacterial R&D. 

Larger Than Life Science: 
The Synthetic Future - Medicine, Food and Energy 

October 30, 2019 from 3:30 AM to 6:30 PM
MBC BioLabs San Carlos

Synthetic biology covers a lot of territory, from redesigning existing biological parts to build novel systems, to constructing a "simple" genome for medical, agricultural and industrial applications. The scientific field is attracting new talent and investment in part because of its potential to address some of the most vexing problems: How to convert from fossil fuels to a bio-based economy; how to produce food in more sustainable ways; how to create new precision medicine products.
Join MBC BioLabs and LaunchBio to hear from investors and entrepreneurs about these technologies and how they will shape our lives. We'll also feature food samples of new plant-based proteins that look and taste like the real thing.

Introduction to GE Via Freeze by Asymptote: Controlled rate Freezing without LN2
October 31, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
MBC BioLabs San Francisco

Please join the local GE Healthcare representatives to see the Via Freeze Controlled Rate Freezer in person and enjoy some breakfast with GE! The Via Freeze is a standalone cryopreservation unit that comes in three sizes to accommodate all your freezing needs. With the use of interchangeable magnetic plates, you can freeze in the format of your choosing from day to day. Looking forward to seeing you and introducing GE's cryopreservation solutions.


Safe and ultra-fast charging batteries are a very important need in the rapidly growing Electric Vehicles ("EV") market. Next-ion has developed a unique universal membrane that enables a new, ultra-fast charging battery (i.e.charging rates up to 10C or more). With this turn-key, drop-in technology, Next-Ion hopes to partner with existing and emerging players and companies in the energy storage space to enable the next generation storage technology solutions.

Ravel Biotechnology is commercializing an analytic technology platform capable of early disease detection from cell-free DNA. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California. Early detection of disease through population level screening has led to decreased mortality and lowered healthcare costs for a set of diseases. Our technology enables the accelerated development and validation of screening tests for a wide range of diseases from a single analyte, cell-free DNA. Thus providing the opportunity to screen for a multitude of diseases from a single blood draw.


Prellis Biologics is a company leading the 3D tissue and organ revolution. Prellis Bio have revolutionized the 3D Bioprinting industry by developing a holographic bioprinter that solves the final roadblock in building lab-grown human tissues: rapid production of oxygen-supplying blood vessels and biocompatible tissue scaffolds that match those found in human tissues. Their scaffolding systems can be used to culture any cell type, in large formats. Currently, Prellis is working with over 35 academic and industry groups, supporting the development of 3D tissues for transplantation and therapeutics screening in liver, kidney, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, cancer, and the immune and nervous systems.