Aichemist Metal Inc. focuses on the development of ultra-thin nanofiber reinforced materials for next-generation lithium batteries that offer a wide range of benefits in the EV, robotics, data center, and display markets. These nanofiber-reinforced materials, which are a composite of biopolymer nanofibers and copper, are created via an electrochemical process and incorporated with ultra-thin lithium metals, silicon electrodes and solid-state polymer batteries.
IHP Therapeutics is developing IHP-009, a Phase 3 ready new molecule to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Their pipeline programs include novel carbohydrate-based drugs to treat inflammation and the pathologies of infectious diseases.
Tranquis Therapeutics is revolutionizing the treatment of neurodegenerative and aging-related diseases by targeting myeloid immune cell dysfunction. Founded on groundbreaking immuno-neurology research by Tranquis' scientific founder, Dr. Edgar Engleman, and his team at Stanford, Tranquis is discovering and developing a novel portfolio of small molecule therapeutic candidates which cross the blood-brain barrier to target the underlying myeloid immune cell dysfunction that has been linked to a variety of nervous system disorders. Their initial therapeutic programs target a master metabolic pathway that is downregulated in myeloid cells in patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Their candidate compounds are designed to reduce inflammation in dysfunctional myeloid cells and reprogram them to restore their normal immuno-metabolic function.
XPose Therapeutics  is an early stage drug discovery company leveraging a cutting-edge approach using experimental information on 3D protein-ligand interactions as a starting point to discover and develop target-specific small molecule cancer therapeutics for traditionally "undruggable" targets. XPose focus is on DNA damage response (DDR) proteins and their demonstrated roles in cancer. The compounds they discover and develop can be deployed in a multi-pronged approach across multiple modalities: monotherapy involving conventional enzyme inhibition; synthetic lethality (SL); targeted-protein degradation (PROTAC); and combinatorial therapy, thereby providing a significantly large therapeutic landscape to help a wide variety of patients. XPose joins MBC BioLabs supported by non-dilutive funding from the NCI through SBIR Phase I funding.
CAGE Bio Discovers Novel Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19, Offering Long-lasting 4+ Hours of Protection

CAGE Bio, a MBC BioLabs San Carlos resident company, announced the discovery of a novel hand sanitizer that offers long-lasting protection from coronavirus and other harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  It kills germs on contact and, unlike common hand sanitizers, provides protection against their transmission for more than four hours after applying to skin. Read full article.
MBC BioLabs partners with SPARK

MBC BioLabs is delighted to announce the partnership with SPARK. The SPARK program at Stanford is a partnership between Stanford researchers and volunteer experts from the biotechnology ecosystem that provides education and mentorship to advance promising research discoveries from the bench to the bedside. SPARK's three-fold mission is to advance promising research discoveries into the clinic as new therapeutics and diagnostics; to educate faculty, post-doctoral fellows and students regarding the translational process; and to identify and promote more efficient approaches to bring new therapies to patients. Over 60% of projects completing SPARK have been licensed and/or advanced to clinical trials. SPARK will sponsor a MBC BioLabs Golden Ticket Competition to help accelerate innovative life science start-ups into real businesses.

Announcement of the 2020 Golden Ticket sponsored by Servier at MBC Biolabs

The partnership between MBC BioLabs and Servier since 2016 has allowed Servier to foster innovation via the sponsorship of an annual Golden Ticket. In 2019, the Golden Ticket was awarded to Quartz Therapeutics. Servier is looking forward to getting more involved in the Californian ecosystem through building partnerships and fostering innovation through collaborations. Servier's 2020 Golden Ticket will be awarded in early September. Servier will hold a virtual event along the Summer to meet with the candidates.
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XPose Therapeutics Receives NCI SBIR Funding to Advance the Discovery and Development of Novel Oncology Medicines Targeting DNA Damage Response
XPose Therapeutics, a MBC BioLabs San Carlos resident company, received a non-dilutive funding (SBIR Phase I) from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health to advance the discovery and development of novel therapeutics targeting DDR in cancer. XPose is using a unique hit-to-lead approach to rapidly identify and build novel, target-specific DDR modulators. Read full press release.
Tranquis Therapeutics Launches with $30 Million Series A Funding to Advance Novel Immuno-Neurology Approach to Treating Neurodegenerative and Aging-related Diseases
Tranquis Therapeutics, a MBC BioLabs San Carlos resident company, debuted with $30 million in Series A funding committed to the discovery and development of innovative medicines with the potential to revolutionize the management of neurodegenerative and aging-related diseases. Read full press release.