Ambagon Therapeutics is discovering and developing first-in-class drugs through targeted stabilization of protein complexes. Ambagon drugs stabilize the naturally occurring interaction between the 14-3-3 class of adaptor proteins and their oncogenic client proteins, modulating the activity of the client protein. Because many 14-3-3 client proteins are difficult to drug target classes, Ambagon's approach opens up novel target space as well as having an innovative mechanism of action.
Biomea Fusion is a precision oncology company developing novel small molecules that target aggressive forms of cancer. Their current program is targeting specific gene mutations that occur in the DNA of patients, which transform into key drivers of tumor growth. Biomea leverages their internal drug design expertise and compliment it with computational technology to build novel medicines for the future. Biomea has significantly invested in the upfront development of their targeted therapies and are conducting broad preclinical development programs.
Factorial Diagnostics is focused on leveraging its novel NGS library prep methods and bioinformatics algorithms to commercialize high resolution, multi-omic, cancer diagnostic assays.
Astellas Announces Winners of 2020 Golden Ticket Competition 

Astellas and MBC BioLabs are delighted to announce Keyhole Therapeutics, Inc. and Jupiter Therapeutics, Inc. as the winners of their "Golden Ticket Competition". Building on the success of the inaugural competition held in 2019, the award supports entrepreneurial scientists and emerging biotechnology start-ups to accelerate early drug discovery and innovation for the potential future benefit of patients worldwide. Read full press release.
PIONYR Immunotherapeutics Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Study Of PY314

Less than six months since entering into an alliance with Gilead Sciences worth up to $1.8B, MBC BioLabs alum Pionyr Immunotherapeutics announced the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical study investigating PY314 in patients with solid tumors. PY314 targets TREM2, a protein found on the surface of a subpopulation of immunosuppressive, pro-tumor myeloid cells. PY314 works by depleting TREM2-expressing immune suppressive tumor associated macrophages (TAMs), which leads to activation of productive anti-tumor immunity. Read full press release.