Clover Therapeutics discovers and develops precision medicines for diseases of aging with a genetics-driven approach. They have a genetically diverse, longitudinal, and re-contactable Medicare patient network with comprehensive clinical data as the foundation of our clinico-genomic studies. Clover is currently advancing preclinical drug programs in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and conducting two observational clinical studies in this disease.
PTM Therapeutics is focused on developing antibody therapeutics targeting post-translational modifications including glycans. Its primary asset, PTM-001 is being developed for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Unlike existing IBD therapies PTM-001 does not directly target the immune system but instead, promotes intestinal mucosal wound healing and has demonstrated promising efficacy in in vivo IBD models.
Gilead Secures Exclusive Option to Acquire Pionyr Immunotherapeutics

Gilead Sciences announced that for $275 million the company will acquire a 49.9% equity interest in Pionyr Immunotherapeutics, an MBC BioLabs Alumni company developing first-in-class cancer immunotherapies, and an exclusive option to purchase the remainder of Pionyr. Under the agreement, Pionyr's shareholders may receive up to an additional $1.47 billion in option exercise fees and future milestone payments. Read full article.
Sony Sponsors MBC BioLabs
MBC BioLabs is delighted to welcome Sony as our newest partner. They have placed a SH800S Cell Sorter at MBC BioLabs San Francisco. The instrument permits sorting of a wide range of cell sizes for many applications using the 70-μm, 100-μm, and 130-μm microfluidic sorting chips. This novel, chip-based design is fully integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls and advanced automation for set-up, acquisition, sort and analysis to make sorting less subjective, more precise and easier to perform.
Hitachi and ThinkCyte Announce Collaboration to Develop an AI-driven Cell Analysis and Sorting System
Hitachi and ThinkCyte, a MBC BioLabs resident company, announced that they have entered into a collaboration focused on developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven cell analysis and sorting system. Hitachi and ThinkCyte are promoting collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes working in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy to expedite the development of the system toward commercialization. Read full press release.
Nitto and CAGE Bio Announce R&D Collaboration
CAGE Bio, a MBC BioLabs resident company, announced a research and development agreement with Nitto, founding sponsor of MBC BioLabs San Carlos, for a transdermal formulation of undisclosed molecules. The goal of the partnership is to explore the potential for developing therapeutic products at Nitto using CAGE Bio's proprietary deep eutectic ionic liquid technology. Read full press release.