Envivo has developed CapScan®, a non-invasive device that collects microbiome samples from all regions of the human GI tract. The discoveries contained in these samples will lead to new cures for human diseases.
AbbVie Announces Winners of 2020 Golden Ticket

AbbVie and MBC BioLabs announced that Bacchus Therapeutics and PTM Therapeutics have each won a 2020 AbbVie Golden Ticket at MBC BioLabs. The companies will each receive one year of lab bench space and access to core facilities at MBC BioLabs, and have opportunities to interact with AbbVie's scientific and business leaders. Read full article.
2020 Amgen Golden Ticket Call for Proposals

Amgen is accepting submissions for the 2020 Amgen-MBC BioLabs Golden Ticket competition through June 24! Amgen will award two promising start-up companies with:

  • One-year FREE lab space at MBC BioLabs
  • Access to the shared amenities and services provided at MBC BioLabs
  • Mentorship by experienced Amgen scientists—we let you lead, ask for advice in any aspect of your science, and we'll provide insight and perspective
  • Access to talent and expertise across Amgen network

Learn more and submit your application HERE!

If you have any program questions, please contact us at

Yokogawa Sponsors MBC BioLabs
MBC BioLabs is delighted to welcome Yokogawa as our newest partner. They have placed a CQ1 at MBC BioLabs San Carlos. The instrument enables 3D imaging and quantification of live cell clusters, such as spheroids within a 3D culture vessel, as they are, keeping the cells intact. CQ1 exports feature data in general formats which are readable by various third-party software for advanced data analysis. It is possible to construct fully customized CQ1-based system by integrating with external systems, via robot for culture dish handling. 
Mammoth Biosciences Partners with GSK to Develop COVID-19 Test Using CRISPR-Based Platform

Mammoth Biosciences, an MBC BioLabs alumni company, announced a collaboration with GSK Consumer Healthcare to develop an accurate, easy-to-use, fully disposable, rapid and handheld test that consumers and healthcare providers in clinics can use to detect active SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Read full press release.
Accelero Biostructures Has Received Funding for SARS-CoV-2 Drug Discovery

Accelero Biostructures is receiving approximately $1 million in funding for drug discovery on SARS-CoV-2 targets using their ABS-OneStep platform for hit generation. "We are very excited at this milestone, providing further validation of our platform for early drug discovery and building on successes on several diverse targets, as well as the opportunity to work on targets of high therapeutic need with the Covid-19 pandemic", said Accelero Co-Founder & CEO, Debanu Das.
Graduated Companies
Wild Type is creating better meat in a better way. Their mission is to create the cleanest, most sustainable fish and meat on the planet. They believe this is the most impactful way to address the pressing challenges of our generation: climate change, food security, and health.