LI-COR Expands Sponsorship to MBC BioLabs Newest Site
MBC BioLabs is delighted to announce that LI-COR has expanded our partnership by placing an Odyssey CLx Imaging System at our newest site @ 930 Brittan Ave, San Carlos. The instrument's broad, linear dynamic range accurately detects both strong and weak bands on a single Western Blot. This flexible device is also capable of quantitative imagining of In-Cell Western assays, On-Cell Western assays, coomassie-stained gels, DNA gels, protein arrays, EMSAs, ELISAs, tissue sections, whole organs, small animals and more.
Mammoth Biosciences Raises $45M in Series B Funding

Mammoth Biosciences, a MBC BioLabs alumni company that uses gene-editing technology CRISPR for disease testing, had raised $45 million in Series B funding to expand into treatments. Read Full Article.

Founders At Work Speaker Series:
"Biology and food? Building a sustainable source of protein for the 21st century"

March 18, 2020 from 12:30 to 1:30 PM
MBC BioLabs San Francisco
About the Speakers:

Justin Kolbeck is co-founder and CEO of Wild Type, which is using cellular agriculture technologies to make better meat. Before Wild Type, he spent nearly five years as a consultant at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Co.) helping companies develop and launch products, grow into new markets, and operate efficiently. Justin started his career as a Foreign Service Officer, serving in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, and Washington DC. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Management, L'Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, and UC Berkeley. 

Aryé Elfenbein is co-founder of Wild Type, where he directs the company's scientific research. Aryé received his MD and PhD from Dartmouth; he completed his clinical training in internal medicine and cardiology at Yale. Prior to working at Wild Type, he completed fellowships in cardiovascular regenerative medicine research at Kyoto University and The Gladstone Institutes / UCSF. He currently practices cardiology in the critical care setting.

Larger than Life Science:
"Race for a Cure: The Work Behind a Coronavirus Vaccine"

March 18, 2020 from 4:30 to 6:00 PM
MBC BioLabs San Carlos
Larger Than Life Science is a free monthly event series open to everyone interested in building a strong support network for San Francisco's life science and healthcare innovators. Join us for an evening of unconventional conversation!

This month's theme: Race to a Cure - The Work Behind a Coronavirus Vaccine
Amidst rising concerns about the coronavirus outbreak a local Newark company, ATUM Bio, is working around the clock to help find a vaccine. ATUM builds virtual models first to identify different properties of the coronavirus. Sub-pieces of the virus are then sent to collaborators around the world who are working on formulations for a vaccine. In this fireside chat hear from ATUM's Co-Founder, Claes Gustafsson, on the technology behind the cure and how the biotech community is banding together for the collective good.

Pandorum Technologies Inc. is a biotechnology company with a focus on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. At Pandorum, they build 3D functional tissues through a combination of cells, gels and cell modulators, using self-assembly, 3D printing and other fabrication methods to construct desired tissue like micro-architectures. Pandorum proprietary technology platform is currently designed to develop functional human tissues, such as bio-engineered Cornea and Liver, intended for medical research and therapeutic applications.

Graduating Companies

Fountain Therapeutics is discovering and developing treatments for aging-associated diseases. They have built a transformative model of aging that re-creates many of the complex hallmark features of aging, but in a laboratory dish. Fountain is combining this powerful cellular model with the latest in artificial intelligence and computer vision to develop a disruptive unbiased platform for the identification of novel targets and potential therapeutics. Fountain works toward their vision of a future in which we extend healthy lifespan and slow aging itself.