At CRISP-HR Therapeutics, their mission is to develop novel genetic engineering platforms and cellular therapeutics to improve human wellbeing. As a first step, they have developed a next-generation CRISPR based genetic engineering platform, Cas9-HR, which significantly reduces cellular toxicity and increases error-free editing efficiency. CRISPR-HR plans to use its platform to develop cellular therapeutics for a variety of indications; and finally deliver on CRISPR/Cas9's initial promise to radically improve patient outcomes, quality of life, and overall human wellbeing.
OneSkin Launches Its First Flagship Product

OneSkin, a longevity company on a mission to transform the way we think about skin and MBC BioLabs resident company, launched its first flagship product, the Topical Skin Supplement. The first topical skin supplement featuring OneSkin's proprietary peptide, OS-01, is designed to reduce skin's biological age by improving skin barrier, supporting DNA damage repair, and preventing the accumulation of senescent cells. OneSkin's approach pairs scientific research with pioneering products to help maximize human potential down to the molecular level. Read full article.
Symbiome Introduces Seven Microbiome Skin Care Products

Symbiome, a MBC BioLabs resident company and the first skincare brand to create a collection of BioIntact™ products to nourish the skin microbiome, has officially launched direct-to-consumer with a range of seven clean, organic, sustainable and traceable products, each with less than ten ingredients. Informed by their scientific research of the ancestral microbiome, the brand has formulated a collection of products to naturally replenish the essential biomolecules that are missing from modern day skin to restore health and resilience. Read full press release.

2020 Astellas Golden Ticket

Astellas is set to hold a virtual event for their 2020 Golden Ticket Competition on December 9th. Five semifinalists from the large number of applicants will be selected for their chance to present and win.

Biotech startups thrive in San Carlos nursery
The mid-Peninsula city has long had a biotech presence, hosting big companies such as Novartis AG and Mylan N.V. But in recent years, it has seen an influx of startups such as Alkahest Inc., Iovance Biotherapeutics and Nautilus Biotechnology. Now it eyes much more with biotech developments aimed along its historically industrial eastern edges. Our founder Douglas Crawford discusses how San Carlos has turned into a kind of biotech nursery and how the industry has largely been able to thrive amid the pandemic. Read full article.